F1 Front Wing Evolution 2014-2018 By Team

Wanting to get into the nitty gritty of flaps, shafts, rigid pillars and blown rims? Well, it can all be found here. In the continually evolving contest for vehicular supremacy that is F1, change is more rapid than can reasonably be conceived, as is surely demonstrated in looking at the development of front wings over the years, a glimpse back to the initial wider designs of 2009 offering insight into just how far the teams have come in terms of adding layers of intricacy to their arrangements, cumulatively increasing complexity winglet by winglet, beginning from a stage of utmost simplicity and progressively building up to what is presently seen. As to who has the most efficient front wing of the current grid, only the engineers can know how many points of downforce their designs are producing in actual terms, out on the circuit, with the lofty aerodynamic claims of McLaren in previous seasons having been shown to be plainly false upon their turning laps with a Renault power unit fitted to the back of their car, some 2.5% slower per lap than Red Bull on average so far. I've kept the video as short as it can reasonably be, leaving out the infinite variations of front wing brought in by McLaren on a race by race basis through 2015-17, which, before anything else, weren't particularly worthy of comment, only providing seeming proof of the team's desperation and wanton misuse of an ample development budget in the days of their discordant Honda alliance. Hopefully the technical speak makes a modicum of sense to whoever may click on this content, or to any who have been unsuspectingly drawn into watching it by the incipient work of autoplay. Beyond this, all I have to add is that I hope you enjoy the video!