Race Dezert

RDC Feature Vehicle - Fishgistics Can-Am Maverick X3 - Baja 1000 Prerun

Visit www.race-dezert.com to see the full feature with specs and photos. Fishgistics set out wanting to build a Baja capable vehicle that they could use for prerunning down in Baja to capture content, do course previews and profile the race for their fans. They settled on the Can-Am X3 platform as they felt it gave them the best and most reliable platform to add a few key upgrades to in order to have a vehicle that could conquer anything a Baja race course could throw at it. After consulting with current Baja 1000 Champion Cameron Steele and the guys over at his Baja HQ off-road shop in San Clemente were ready to take on the build. They had a few ideas for some custom ways to make it even more user friendly for prerunning; such as their 4th seat design where you can simply unbolt the 4th seat and bolt in a storage box to be able to carry extra equipment and parts when going on long 200 mile runs in the middle of nowhere. On its maiden voyage at the 2018 Baja 1000 the Fishgistics crew covered over 400 miles of the gnarliest terrain Baja has to offer and not once did they have to touch the car! It was flawless and looked even better. That is thanks in part to starting with the most capable UTV platform on the market and then adding nothing but the finest parts in the off-road market to create the ultimate UTV.